7 expresiones nivel Proficiency

Como sabéis los que me seguís en Facebook, hace tiempo dije que me estaba preparando el Proficiency por mi cuenta. Eso sí, con mucha calma, ya que ni tengo prisa ni tengo mucho tiempo, pero solo por el simple hecho de ir aprendiendo más inglés merece la pena. Para los que os lo estéis preparando o simplemente querraís aprender más, aquí os traigo 7 expresiones que me he ido encontrando haciendo los ejercicios y que yo no conocía.

Bottle up

bottle up

When a ​person ​bottles things up, they ​refuse to ​talk about things that make them ​angry or ​worried .

It is not healthy to bottle your emotions up.

Tie the knot


To get married.

When are you guys going to tie the knot? You’ve been together like forever!


Easy on the eye


Pleasant to look at.

Your recent painting is really easy on the eye.

Strike it lucky


To ​suddenly have a lot of ​unexpected ​luck.

What would you do if you struck it lucky in the national lottery?

Set your sights on


To ​decide to ​achieve something.

I set my sights on getting a good English level and I finally did.

Spill the beans


To give away a secret.

You shouldn’t have spilled the beans about Mark’s girlfriend.

Standing ovation


An ​occasion when the ​people in an ​audience ​stand up to ​clap at the end of a ​performance or ​speech because they ​liked it very much.

The lecturer received a standing ovation at the end of his speech.


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    Muchas gracias, Adrián.
    As usual, highly useful your advices.


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